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Welcome to Learn German for free through music, the site where you can learn German for free online by listening to german music!

How does Learning German for free through music work?

Even if you do not understand a word of german yet, with this site you will be able to get into practice from minute one!

Learn German for free through music offers you a wide varitey of german music videos in different genres like:

German Pop music
In this category you will find bands like Laith Al-deen or Udo Jürgens.

German Rock / Metal music
In this categorie you will find bands like Revolverheld, die Sterne or Oomph!.

German Rap / Hip Hop music
In this categorie you will find music from Die Fantastischen Vier and Clueso.

German Folk music / Volksmusik
In this categorie you will find songs from Heino or Die Zillertaler Schürzenjäger.

After you have chosen the genre you like through the menu on the right side of this website you will see a selection of german bands in this genre.
Choose the band you are interested in and you will see a selection of available music videos. Click on the song, you want to see and hear.

Now it's time for your free german lesson!

You will see the actual site of the song you are going to learn with. On this site you will have

the full music video
the german transcript of the song text
the english translation of the song text
an explanation of german expressions used in the song

Why should I learn German by listening to german music?

Ask any language teacher. They will tell you, that if you want to learn a new language it is very important to get familiar with the sound of this language.

You can do this by living for a while in this country, which is by far the best method to learn a foreign language or by watching foreign TV shows or listening to the radio.

BUT if you are watching TV or listen to the radio you don't have a transcript of the text neither an instant translation. Learn German for free through music offers you both, for free!

So, why wait any longer? Start learning german today!

It's easy and it's fun! Not only you get a piece of german culture, because music is culture and gives you a unique point of view on a foreign country but you also learn the german language while having fun!

I hope you all enjoy this new service!

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